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Ovaprim is a potent ovulating/spermiating agent used to promote and facilitate reproduction of many species of fish. Ovaprim is a stable solution that contains OvaRH (sGnRHa) and a dopamine inhibitor. The timing of ovulation, following injection, is highly predictable, with high egg fertility and viability.


Ovaprim utilizes the fish’s own endocrine system, thus safely inducing maturation. When used in the normal spawning cycle, Ovaprim can synchronize and coordinate maturation in treated fish without affecting viability or fecundity. Ovaprim has been tested and proven effective in a wide range of ornamental fish species.

DOSE - A general dose of Ovaprim is 0.5 ml per kilogram of body weight.  This dose may vary among species and location.  Ensure that an adequate ratio of males and females are induced at the same time.  Environmental and physiological conditions will affect the response to Ovaprim and other spawning aids.


Ovaprim can be used to:

  • Induce maturation within a spawning season

  • Advance spawning date

  • Coordinate and synchronize spawning times

  • Increase milt production including increased sperm count

  • Induce maturation in difficult species

  • Induce spawning in the most important and difficult to spawn species

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