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Natural Chews

We offer over 30 different all-natural treats & chews for your pet. From bully sticks, bones, and ears, to even more exotic choices that are all 100% digestible. 


Our All-Natural Chews are sourced from free range cattle and livestock, with NO Added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. These products are made in a completely natural process with no added chemicals, and form an excellent alternative to rawhides.


We specialize in the production of natural and healthy treats for dogs. Our Natural chews factory, manufactures delicious, odor-free and long-lasting treats which are excellent for teeth, help reduce plaque and keep dogs occupied and happy in their chewing time. Our bones and dried organ products are formed entirely free of artificial preservatives.


The factory is a pioneer in the free range category of the pet market. The factory manufactures dog chews with strict quality standards and the same safety requirements practiced in the human food industry, under permanent control of the Ministry of Agriculture – federal inspection / SIF 3188.


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