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High quality wet dog-food and cat-food.  We offer a set of varieties / recipes using different raw materials including all essential vitamins, minerals and additives for cats & dogs. You can choose between our brands or private label with your own brand name. 

Together with our clients we are aiming for the optimal combination of ingredients, texture and taste. At the same time we guarantee the best price-performance ratio by using the latest quality and product safety standards. 

All our can food products are qualified to the specifications of FEDIAF as the best possible nutrition value for a long and healthy life of the pets.

Our can food products are preserved only through heating and without the use of artificial preservatives. The high quality level applied in all production processes has been certified by extensive internal and external quality audits, by using the latest hygienic standards, safety throughout the complete production process and the traceability of all used raw materials  .

Canned Dog-food and Cat-food with tailored outer packaging and transport packaging

High quality, safe packaging solutions combined with maximum efficiency and variability are the cornerstones of the packaging solutions we offer to our clients.

After the production, the pet food is being bottled in high-quality cans.

We develop tailor made solutions for outer packaging (trays, shrink-wrapping) and transportation packaging (different kinds of palletizing) together with our clients. A key advantage of our packaging line-up is also that we offer sorted trays with up to 4 different flavors per tray.

We provide the packaging best suited to your needs!

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